Registered Nurse Salary in Nigeria 2024/2025 Update

Registered Nurse Salary in Nigeria

Registered Nurse Salary in Nigeria – Are you a nursing student? Planning to study nursing? Yet to get registered with the Nursing Council of Nigeria? Want to know the salary of registered nurses in Nigeria? 

Nursing is one of the top world-rated courses in Nigeria. It is a profession that is needed in every society. 

Nurses are the major support in the healthcare system just like the doctors are and today we will be talking about How much those that have registered and gotten licenses to operate earn in Nigeria. 

No family or individual has been attended to by nurses as far as you are blood and flesh. 

Persons eligible to work as registered nurses include persons who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing and also persons who have obtained an associate degree in nursing. 

Also, it is important to note that the profession of nursing includes selfless service as such do not embark on studying a profession you are not devoted to or will not be devoted to 

Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, etc. 

The pay of nurses is dependent on the academic level and professionalism of each nurse. As such you do not expect all nurses to be paid equally. 

Here we will be talking about the Salary of Registered Nurses in Nigeria. 

Registered Nurse Salary in NigeriaWhat is the Average Salary of a Registered Nurse in Nigeria?

The salary of a Registered Nurse in Nigeria differed based on certain factors. What Nurse A is getting, might not be the same as what Nurse B is earning. 

This is what we will focus on today so you don’t get your hopes high and get disappointed.

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Criteria for Nurses’ Salary 

Her is what is used to determine the salary of the Nurses in Nigeria 

  1. Years of experience (professionalism) 
  2. Academic qualification 
  3. Specialty 
  4. Place of work 
  5. Gender 

Years of Experience (professionalism)

This is a major criterion when talking about salary structure. of course, you do not expect to be paid the same salary as a Newbie with one who has more than five years experience in the field. 

For example, a nurse with two years of experience can earn like 90 to 100 thousand naira. While one who has like two to five years of experience must have been promoted to several rankings and will earn 120,000 to 200,000

However, one who has like five to ten years of experience earns 200,000 to 300,000 Thousand naira 

Academic Qualification

Your educational qualification determines your salary base and it is a fact that has been proven over time. 

You don’t expect to be an SSCE holder and be paid the same as a Bachelor’s degree Holder. To exemplify, the different educational levels in Nursing include 

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Master’s Degree etc. 

For persons with a master’s degree, you will be paid an average of 227,000 and for persons who have a master’s degree, you will be paid 370,000 and above. 

Note that all the prices are dependent on the place you are working or the institution you are working in. 


Nursing is a field that has different specialties and some pay more than others just like some are risky than others.   

The different specialties in Nursing include 

  1. Pediatric Nursing 
  2. Nurse researcher 
  3. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurses work with children for their health and safety. They are found in children’s hospitals etc. 

Nurse Researchers 

These are people who work in an advanced field. The likes of orthopaedic nurses academic nurses, etc. 

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

This is the highest-paid speciality nurse in the nursing field. They are not just paid but are richly compensated because of their efforts. They are involved with serious and delicate injuries and treatments. People in this field are people who have obtained their Masters Degrees in the Nursing field 

Place of work 

This distinguishes persons working in public or government firms and persons who work in private or grouped-owned establishments. 

Of course, government workers in some countries earn more than private establishment workers and most of the time private company workers earn more than government workers. 


It is important to spell out that nursing isn’t just a professional career for females. It might interest you to know that male nurse personnel are growing in the nursing field than before. As such, in some countries, the females earn more than the males, depending on the institution. 

Allowance Earned by Nurses in Different Fields 

  1. Specialist Allowance 
  2. Shift duty Allowance 
  3. Clinical Duty Allowance 
  4. Non-Clinical Duty Allowance 
  5. Teaching allowance 

Specialist Allowance

His is for persons or nurses working in a level of consultant or any other special field apart from the regular Nurses. This is because we have fewer specialist Nurses in Nigeria and as such the few are being compensated well

Shift Duty Allowance

This is an allowance that is being given to health workers (nurses ) who work on shifts (day and night)

Clinical Duty Allowance

This is for health workers who provide consultation services in a teaching hospital. This is usually an academic personnel

Non-Clinical Duty Allowance. 

This is for every health worker who is working for the Federal Ministry of Health or federal health establishments. 

Teaching Allowance 

This is for nurses who trained Health professionals in a Federal Teaching Hospital or any other medical Facility.

They are also paid what is known as a posting allowance and a Hazard payment. 

How to Increase Your Salary as a Registered Nurse 

  1. Learn New Skills.
  2. Aim to get a higher qualification.
  3. Stay professional 
  4. Contribute positively to the community’s well-being 
  5. Try to network 
  6. Contribute to Maternal and Child Health

Ways of becoming a certified nurse in Nigeria 

  1. Get a certification 
  2. Go for internship
  3. Attend the National Youth Service Corps 
  4. Apply for Employment 


This article gives a brief description of how much Nurses earn In Nigeria. It also encompasses different topics like how to boost your salary as a health worker and allowances given by nurses in the health field. 

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