Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024

Civil Defence Guarantor Form 2024

Civil Defence Guarantor Form: The Civil Defence management board has officially made it known that the NSCDC Guarantor form is out online for all candidates who have registered for the NSCDC Recruitment. So it is left for all candidates to download and fill out the civil defence recruitment guarantor form.

Civil Defence Guarantor Form
Civil Defence Guarantor Form

It is important to note that this form is to be presented at the screening center. This form is compulsory for all candidates who wish to be recruited into the civil defense team as they will be the ones to attest to your good character and behavior.

If you do not know how to get the guarantor’s form, do not worry as we got you covered. We will show you everything you need to know about the referee form. In this guide, I will talk you through how to download and get the guarantor’s form.

To get more insights, do well to stay on the page as we will provide information concerning the Civil Defence Guarantor’s form below.


Civil Defence Guarantor Form

The Civil Guarantor’s form is a document that is expected of all applicants/candidates to print and be filled out by the necessary parties/individuals.

Although many people find it hard to download and print the form, it is also important to note that without the Civil Defence Guarantor Form, your application will be considered invalid and you may be disqualified if it is not being seen before the closing date.

To all those who have been waiting to get the civil defense guarantor form, well the form has finally been released and all candidates are advised to check the form online, download it, and fill it out before the screening date.

It is always expected of all candidates seeking an appointment to produce at least 2 credible, acceptable, and responsible persons as Guarantor. This is one of the major requirements during civil defence recruitment.

As an applicant, you will be required to provide a guarantor form during the NSCDC screening exercise and the form should be duly signed by the individual as this is one way they can attest to the fact that you are good both in character and in behavior.

We have it that so many applicants are yet to get their guarantor form and due to this, there has been an increase in the search for the form recently making the recruitment portal unresponsive and this is not good. Therefore, we will put in a link so all candidates can easily click and download the form for free.

All you have to do is click on the download link, follow the instructions, and download your copy.

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Civil Defence Acceptable Guarantors

It is expected of all applicants and candidates to download print and fill the form appropriately to be part of the screening Exercise. The NSCDC form is expected to be filled and signed by the following personnel mentioned below.

It is important to note that if any other personality aside from the ones mentioned below signs or fills out the form, the police force will not accept it.

Below are the acceptable Guarantors needed.

  • Civil Servant not below the rank of Grade Level 12
  • Local Government Chairman
  • Traditional Rulers
  • Heads of Educational Institutions attended
  • Police Officer not below the rank of CSP or Military Officer not below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Magistrate

It is important to note that the civil defence force will not accept any other guarantor that does not have the ranks listed above.

Also, no candidate is expected to fill the form by him or herself, the form is to be given to any acceptable guarantor and it is the guarantor that will fill the form. If an applicant fills out the Guarantor form, he or she will be disqualified.

This civil defence guarantor form is very important for all candidates who are aiming to apply for the 2024 civil Defence Recruitment as it is seen as one of the requirements for the civil defence screening.

As an applicant or candidate, it is important to note that whoever fails to come along with the guarantor’s form during the NSCDC screening date will not see his or her name on the final NSCDC list of shortlisted candidates.


How to Download the Civil Defence Guarantor Form

Here are guidelines on how to download the civil defence form. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and accurately download the form.

  • The First thing you need to do is to log into the official recruitment portal via using any of your preferred browsers.
  • Do well to put in your registration details in the spaces provided
  • Once the profile is open, you then click on the download Guarantor Form and the form will automatically download to your device. From here, you can then go to the nearest cyber café and print out the form.
  • You can simply click on this link to download it from here- Civil Defence Referee Form.
  • All applicants are required to print out this form as it is the hard copy of the form NSCDC Guarantor form duly signed by an acceptable guarantor that will be needed for the screening. Failure to provide the Guarantor’s form means you have declined the offer to join the civil defence team.

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What should I do after downloading the Civil Defence Guarantor Form?

We have so many people asking what can be done after downloading the form using the link. After downloading the form, you should immediately get it to a cyber café and print the form out before giving it to any of the acceptable guarantors to fill out and sign.

Do not forget that the form is required to be a physical form and to be filled by two guarantors accurately before bringing it to the NSCDC Screening.


Final Thought

To all applicants seeking to get the Civil defence guarantor’s form, well the form is now out online and it is expected of all applicants to get the form before the screening date as the form will be submitted at the screening.

Failure to submit the form might lead to disqualification or it shows you must have declined the offer. To get and download the form, you can click the link above, follow the instructions, and get the form. You can simply DROP A COMMENT if you have any difficulty.

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