Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria for 2024

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria – If you registered for the Telpecon Grant, this is the 2024 disbursement update for everybody. In this post, I will be providing you with the latest information you need concerning the disbursement of the Telpecon grant.

If you are new to this grant, and you don’t know anything about the grant, you too will get full information about the grant, including how to apply for the grant.

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria

An Overview of Telpecon Grant 

What do you know about the Telpecon grant? Another name for the Telpecon grant is the Foundation of Elevation.

But someone may ask, what is the full meaning of Telpcon? TELECON means The Less Privilege Coordinators Network. 

This is a Non-Governmental Organization that sets out to help the less privileged and alleviate the poverty level of their lives. The organization has a collaboration with other NGOs and CBO initiatives, that has members up to 44 million.

The major goal of this organization is to provide financial aid to people, so as to aid them in fulfilling their life dreams. They are also out to give even noncash assistance to the beneficiaries of these grants.

In a nutshell, they are out to fight poverty under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria for 2024

For those of you who applied for the Telpecon grant, and have been asking if the beneficiaries have started receiving the grant, here is an update for you all.

Stages of Telepcon Disbursement

It is important to know that the disbursement will take stages. All the funds will not be disbursed to each and everyone on the same day and time, it will take two stages. Let us now see how and those who will be in the first stage of the payment:

  • Telpecon Disbursement Stages one
  • Telpecon Disbursement Stages two

Telpecon Disbursement Stages one

The first stage is for directors. First, the money will be forwarded to the financially committed directors of the grant. It is after the directors have received their own that they will then distribute it to other beneficiaries.

Telpecon Disbursement Stages two

Stage two the disbursement is for all the beneficiaries of the grant, the clusters, and all other persons who are qualified to benefit from the grant.

What is the worth of the Telpecon grant?

Some people don’t know how much this grant is worth per beneficiary, and that is why they are persuaded to ask how much, they will earn from the grant. 

The grant is worth a lot of money, and beneficiaries who are businessmen will be given an amount of money totaling about $2,000 (N920,000).

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Benefits of Telepcon Grant

What are the benefits of the telephone grant? All the applicants who are qualified for the grant will receive the following benefits;

  • They will receive a non-refundable loan of $2000.
  • They will receive gifts such as 
  • Tuition fee grants, 
  • Living allowance grants, 
  • Books and material grants,
  • They will be connected to the Telpecon Alumni network 

Is the Telpecon Grant a Scam?

The Telpecon Grant is not a scam, it is a real grant. Before now most people have benefited from it, and more applicants will still benefit from the one that is coming in 2024.

Has the Telepcon Grant Disbursement Commenced?

The disbursement of the grant has not started for now, the officials who are in charge of the disbursement are still processing the disbursement of the fund, but it will not be long and then the disbursement will start.

Is it everybody that is eligible for the grant?

The grant is open to less privileged persons, who are struggling to make ends meet, and who cannot afford to achieve their life ambitions.

It is true that all the less privileged are eligible, but you must have registered for it. That is to say, if you did not register for it, you will not be a beneficiary of the grant, when the disbursement shall commence.



What are the requirements for registering for this grant?

  • At the time of application, applicants must reach the age of 18 years and above.
  • You must have an excellent academic record.

What are the other conditions that applicants must know about the grant?

  • If you have benefited before, you should not apply again.
  • You must prove that you do not have another scholarship elsewhere
  • You must have arrested or convicted past criminal records
  • You must not have a record of any outstanding debt to the government or any other financial institution.
  • You must be able to meet all financial obligations throughout your study period.

Will beneficiaries pay back this grant?

Once this grant is given to the beneficiaries, there will be no need to refund it again. All that is required of the beneficiaries is to ensure that they use this fund well, and for the purpose for which they were given.

Can I still register for the fund now?

Well, the registration for the grant for 2023/2024 has been closed. For now, there are no ongoing registrations till the 2023 disbursement is finished. also, they have not announced when they will commence a new registration.

If I want to register, what are the steps to follow?

Right now, the application form is not available for registration, but if you want to know the steps on how to register, these are the steps:

  • Log into the official website of the Telpecon Foundation
  • Follow the instructions on the site
  • Fill out the form with your information (name, address, phone number, email )
  • Also provide your entire bank details (Bank name, account number)
  • In the space provided for the amount, enter the amount of money you need.
  • Give a brief description of how you intend to invest the money, once you receive it.
  • Finally, verify, and ensure that the information provided is not false or misleading, before submission, because any information discovered to incorporate will jeopardize your chances of receiving the grant.


That is the latest update concerning the Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update in Nigeria for 2024, so every candidate and applicant should please exercise patience while the process of paying the fund continues.

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