Skills That Employers Want on Your Resume (2023)

Skills that Employers want: This article gives clear and concise details about the top 5 skills that employers want to see on your resume as an applicant for a particular job role. Employers really want to make sure that they are not hiring a candidate who has a college degree but who also have the right skills  needed to carry out the job role as stated in the requirements

Skills that Employers Want on Your Resume

Are you an applicant searching for job opportunities?, are about applying for a job you like most and you have been asked to submit a resume for that particular position? Wait a  minute, take a moment to look at your resume, does it really look professional? Do you think you can get a job with that kind of empty looking resume?, we are glad you are reading this article because we have provided you with the top five(5) skills that employers usually look out for when they review applicants’ resumes.

So keep reading this article to the end and pay rapt attention to the guidelines given in this article if actually you really want to land yourself that high paying job.

Skills that Employers want: Isn’t it obvious that you keep getting rejection emails from companies that you have applied to?  As a matter of fact in 2023, employers are not just recruiting but are seeking candidates with a different set of skills that can help them handle the job role and trends and to also adapt to the evolving job market. Below here are five skills that employers commonly look for on resumes, let’s check them out:

Skills that Employers want

  • Digital Literacy & Technology Savviness
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skill
  • Adaptability & Flexibility Skill
  • Communication & Collaboration Skill
  • Emotional Intelligence Skill

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Skills that Employers want: Digital Literacy & Technology Savviness

Looking at the ever increasing reliance of businesses on technology in almost every industry, recruiters are seeking highly valued candidates who are digitally literate, innovative and competent in  using different computerized and technological tools, software, and applications. Proficiency and competency in common office productivity suites, data analysis software, other relevant technologies and project management tools can give you an advantage over other applicants

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving SKill

Employers and recruiters seek individuals who are competent in analyzing complex and challenging situations, think critically, and propose effective solutions. 

Skills that Employers want: Adaptability & Flexibility Skill

In a fast changing world like this, being able to adapt is crucial to a workplace. Therefore, employers are ready to hire  employees who can quickly adjust and adapt  to a new working environment,  circumstances,  learn  and gain new skills and thrive in dynamic working  environments. 

Communication & Collaboration Skill

Possessing  a Strong communication skill set in  both written and verbal communication are vital skills needed by employers for effective teamwork and successful conversations and  interactions with colleagues, clients and customers in a workplace. This is the reason why employers want candidates who can easily articulate ideas clearly and creatively, actively listen and are able to work well in a diverse set of teams.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to preview, understand and manage one’s emotions and the ability to navigate through  social situations effectively and easily.

Employers are able to identify and recognize  the importance of EI in building strong workplace  relationships, handling and resolving workplace conflicts, and promoting a positive and enabling working environment.

Therefore, demonstrating that you  are emotionally  intelligent on your resume can set you apart and make you stand out as the best candidate for the job

Tips To Note When Applying For a Job

  • When you are applying for a job, always remember that these skills mentioned in this article are what your employers are expecting to see in your resume , so make sure that your skills are backed up with some concrete and relevant examples and experiences in your resume and also during the interview session. Always tailor your resume to pinpoint how you’ve applied  and used these skills in your former job roles. 
  • Make sure that your resume effectively highlights your relevant skills, qualifications and experiences to  your prospective employers.
  • Give your resume to a professional resume writer to help you write 

To keep up with the latest trends about job interviews, how to write a professional Cv or resumes and ongoing recruitments, visit our site at kindirecruit. Also ensure that you do not keep this information to yourself alone but share it to others in your circle to help them smash that job application they are about applying for  because knowledge shared is knowledge gained. We wish you Good luck with your job search and applications

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