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Sydani Group officially announced the commencement of EMSS Sydani Recruitment 2023/2024. The application/registration is still ongoing. Are you a medical doctor, Nurse/midwife, or Community Health Extension worker seeking a better opportunity to engage your profession and earn a high income? If yes; Expanded Midwives Service Scheme (EMSS) recruitment is the right opportunity you can grab. The Sydani recruitment portal, requirements, how to apply, and closing date are discussed in this article.

So, if you are interested in applying, we advise you to carefully read this article before you start your application.

EMSS Sydani Recruitment

EMSS Sydani Recruitment 2023/2024 Job vacancies are currently open. This application is for well-qualified nurses, midwives, and doctors that wish to work with the Sydani Group to deliver adequate and quality health services at the primary healthcare level and also to improve maternal, newborn, and child health in Nigeria. 

About Sydani Recruitment

Sydan Group is a management consulting firm whose head office is in Abuja, Nigeria. They’re a team of experienced management consultants that design, deploy, monitor, and evaluate impactful programs and interventions to improve the health and social sectors in Nigeria and globally. 

Is EMSS recruitment form 2023 out?

Yes, the Expanded Midwives Service Scheme (EMSS) recruitment form is out for the 2023/2034 recruitment exercise. The application process started on Tuesday, April 11th, and will last for 11 days. Interested applicants can access the application form by visiting the Sydani Recruitment portal via https://emss.sydani.org/.

Available EMSS Sydani Recruitment  2023 Job Position

The followings are the three (3) positions and their responsibilities, respectively:


A. Clinical/Community Health functions

  • Provide clinical oversight and guidance to the nurses and midwives during the continuum of care, including prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care.
  • Make plans to provide services for treating minor illnesses at the PHC and community level through the nurses, midwives, and CHEWs.
  • Referrals to the closest secondary or tertiary healthcare facilities are made for patients that need specialized and urgent medical care.
  • As assigned and instructed by the LGA, state, and national administration, visit nearby PHC facilities to assist the provision of services in such facilities.
  • Provide in-patient and out-patient counseling as required in the PHC facility.
  • Collaborate with CHEWs, CHIPs, WDC, and various community-based organizations to organize and promote community outreach and health programs in the facility catchment area.

B. Supervision and Training

  • Supervise SBAs’ work periodically, both in the facility and in the community setting, to give them the necessary guidance and direction.
  • Organize training programs to meet national standards. This training may include:
  • Reproductive and Child Health Programs
  • Routine Immunization Programs
  • Control of Communicable Diseases
  • Family Planning
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

C. Administrative Functions

  • Ensure to keep an up-to-date inventory and stock register of all the stores and equipment supplied.
  • Review the programs and work of the SBAs and other clinical staff and suggest changes.


A. Clinical Functions

(i) Prenatal

  • Provide pre-pregnancy advice on health and nutrition.
  • Provide family planning information and services.

(ii) Antenatal

  • Ensure that all pregnant women who visit the health facilities are identified and receive antenatal care.
  • Conduct antenatal clinics and provide health education on the importance of antenatal care and the danger signs of pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women should receive appropriate doses of drugs.
  • Provide HIV counseling and testing.
  • Provide Prevention of Mother-Child Transmission (PMTCT) services.
  • Identify high-risk pregnancies and refer them appropriately.

(iii) Labour

  • Manage complications from miscarriages and/or unsafe abortions.
  • Promptly recognize women in labor.
  • Manage labor, treat complications, and make referrals.
  • Provide emergency obstetric care for women with complications during childbirth.

(iv) Post-natal

  • Support women to successfully initiate and sustain breastfeeding.
  • Follow up with women for the continuum of care and track defaulters, where necessary.
  • Connect clinic staff to community-based service providers.

(v) Newborn and child health services

  • Provide resuscitative efforts to newborns, where necessary.
  • Promote infant and child health, including participation in the National Program on Immunization and Management of childhood malaria.
  • Supervise the immunization of children.
  • Provide IMCI services to manage childhood illness.

(vi) Administrative Functions

  • Participate in the monthly briefing of the WDC on their activities and challenges.
  • Ensure records of activities at the health facility are kept using all relevant books and forms provided.
  • Ensure that all relevant data collected on the PHC Health Management Information System is collated, analyzed, and the information used for decision-making.
  • Administrative functions, including supervisory functions for CHEWs.
  • Receive supervision and mentoring from designated officials.
  • Effectively document all required information and provide statutory reports as they become due.
  • Report monthly to the LGA PHC department with CHEWs.


A. Outreach and Community Health Functions

  • Mentor CHIPS agents and CORPs on midwifery skills.
  • Conduct community-based growth monitoring of children under the age of five (age 5).
  • Conduct awareness-raising in the community on nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding, deworming of children, and vitamin supplementation.

B Clinical Functions

  • Triage patients who come to the facility to receive treatment.
  • Manage clients according to standing orders
  • Assist midwives in taking delivery.

C. Administrative Functions

  • Mobilize pregnant women, follow up after delivery, and immunize children.
  • Report all cases of maternal and newborn deaths in the community to the health facility.
  • Attend ward development committee meetings.
  • Maintain a link between the clinic and community resource persons (CORPs) in the community.
  • Assist in collating, analyzing, and interpreting the National Health Management Information System (NHMIS).

Requirements for EMSS Sydani recruitment

The EMSS Sydani recruitment 2023 requirements are based on the job positions. The followings are the eligibility criteria:


An eligible Doctor must:

  1. Posses an MBBS degree from an approved institution with MDCN certification.
  2. Have at least one year of experience post-horsemanship.


An eligible Nurse/Midwife must:

  1. Registered nurses, registered midwives, or registered nurses/midwives must be employed.
  2. Have a minimum of one (1) year experience in providing reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health plus nutrition (RMNCH+N) services
  3. Have a valid license to practice
  4. Applications from retired nurses, midwives, and/or nurse/midwives (aged 60 to 65) can also apply.


An eligible (CHEW) must have:

  1. Be a certified Community Health Extension Worker. It will be advantageous to have documentation of your modified Life Saving Skills (mLSS) training.
  2. Have a minimum of one (1) year experience in providing reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health plus nutrition (RMNCH+N) services
  3. A minimum of one year of experience in community health outreaches is necessary.
  4. Have a valid license to practice

EMSS Recruitment Portal

The Expanded Midwives Service Scheme (EMSS) recruitment portal is https://emss.sydani.org. Prospective applicants are to visit this portal, fill out and submit the application form on or before the deadline.

How to Apply for EMSS Sydani Recruitment 2023

To apply for EMSS Sydani Recruitment 2023;

  1. Visit EMSS application portal via  https://emss.sydani.org
  2. Click on “Click here to Apply” This will direct you to the EMSS application. EMSS Sydani Recruitment portal
  3. Select If you are applying for yourself or helping someone else apply for “Job Opening
  4. Choose which position you are applying for.
  5. Fill in the space as shown below your “State and LGA of Deployment”.EMSS Sydani Recruitment portal (1)
  6. Carefully supply your correct information in the “Personal Details” space.
  7. Your qualifications are very important. Please fill in the correct details about your “qualifications.
  8. Remember to attach all your credentials, including your Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  9. Click on the declaration by “clicking the box”, which indicates that the information you provide about yourself is correct.
  10. After confirming your information, you then click on “Submit Application“.

EMSS Sydani Application

The EMSS Sydani application is absolutely free. So you don’t need to pay any money to anybody before you apply; in fact, you can use your Android phone or any smartphone to do the registration as long as you read and understand everything in this article.

EMSS Shortlisted Candidates

The EMSS shortlisted candidates’ names will be uploaded to this page as soon as the shortlist is out. And also know that for every qualified applicant, you are required to verify your email via a link, and shortly after verification, you will receive a notification email with a link to take the Computer Based-Test. The Computer Based-Test will last for 10 days, so you need to complete it on or before the deadline 

EMSS Recruitment Closing Date 2023

The deadline for the EMSS Sydani recruitment 2023 online registration is April 22, 2023. Interested applicants are to complete their application on or before Saturday, 22nd April 2023, kindly visit https://emss.sydani.org/ to begin your application before the expiration date. 

Expanded Midwives Service Scheme (EMSS) FAQS

1.  Who can apply for the position?

i. Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for Doctor.
Ii. Registered Nurses (RN)
Iii Registered Midwives (RM)
Iv. Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW)

2. What is the duration of the application?

 The application will last for 15 minutes.

3. Can I apply on a mobile device?

Yes, the registration can be done with an Android or any smartphone, but using a computer system is highly recommended.

4. Is it possible to start the application and finish it later?

No, note that the application only lasts for 15 minutes, so you need to complete it once it has commenced.

5. How do I know if I am shortlisted since I passed the test?

A notification email with a link to take the computer-based test will be sent to all successfully shortlisted candidates.

EMSS Recruitment Tips

The following are some tips about Sydani Recruitment 2023;

  • If you applied and qualified, you are required to verify your email via a link.
  • Shortly after verification, you will receive an email notification with a link to take the computer-based test.
  • You will have a grace period of ten (10) days to complete the computer-based test.
  • Applicants should note that if they have applied before and received an interview invitation, do not reapply again because their previous application is still valid.
  • Retired Nurses, Midwives, and/or nurse midwives between 60 to 65 years are encouraged to apply.

On the other hand, interested applicants are entitled to know the terms, duties, and responsibilities of the eMSS Recruitment Application 2023/2024 available position before they start their application.


With no thought, I believe you will be able to complete your application without any challenges. If you can’t, go through this article over and over again because everything needed to successfully submit the EMSS Recruitment application form is in this article. Don’t forget to drop your questions and comments, if any, in the comment box below.

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