Best Goodbye Messages to Colleagues (2024)

Best Goodbye Messages to Colleagues: Find 10 best goodbye messages to say to your colleagues,  how to say goodbye to a colleague, why you should say goodbye, tips to craft the best goodbye messages to your colleagues and more detailed information on how to say goodbye to your colleagues on the right note.Best Goodbye Messages to ColleaguesHave you been working in a company or an organization and  you are about to be transferred to another workstation? and you want to craft the best goodbye messages to them but don’t know how to do that? Your times of worries are over because you are on the right article for you

In this article, we have compiled the best goodbye messages to say to your colleagues,  how to say it and even how to craft it, so take a sheet of paper and jot down important points that we have provided for you in this article as you keep reading along to the end. Let’s get started.

Build a Good Working Relationship

Finding the right sentence and words to craft when trying to say  or bid farewell or goodbye to your colleague who is leaving and also crafting farewell messages to your colleagues you are leaving behind is never always easy but what can make it more easier is when you have built a close and rewarding working relationship with those of your colleagues. It is very important to have a good working relationship with the people you are working with to help you get along with each other as you progress in  your career.

Why Should You Say Goodbye?

According to dictionary research, a goodbye is an exclamation that is used to express or show good wishes when someone is leaving, when you are leaving or at the end of a phone conversation.

Everyone loves it when others wish them farewell on a journey because it makes them feel appreciated and that their presence with them was really valued and that they will miss them really much.

Apart from the fact that you have been friends with that person, saying farewell even to your colleague who was really very difficult to work with helps to build a closure and establish a long lasting positive impacts on the life  of such a person.

10 Best Goodbye Messages to Colleagues

10 Best Goodbye Messages to Colleagues
10 Best Goodbye Messages to Colleagues 2023

Thank you for all the support, love, true friendship and all the camaraderie and laughter. I’ll forever cherish these moments we have shared and I look forward to always staying in touch with you. Loads of love and kisses!”. 

1. “I want to  truly express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of you, my colleagues for being amazing and incredible teammates and friends. You’ve made my  journey in this organization a truly memorable one. I am wishing you all the best in your pursuits, stay strong and keep growing!”.


2. Thank you all so much  for being such amazing, fabulous and fantastic coworkers and friends. Let’s continue to  stay in touch and connected and to always  create new adventures and moments together  even though saying goodbye is never always easy but I know that the memories and moments we had will always go on and on everyday. 


3. ” In life, we’ll always part to meet and meet to part but one thing is very certain that as I move on to the next chapter of my life and career, I could never wish for more but to say thank  you to each and everyone of you for playing a big role in my professional career  journey. Your immense support, love, care  and words of encouragement does not not make me feel so much wanted but also that it has meant the world to me and  I hope that our paths will cross again someday, with love from me!”.


4. “Saying goodbye  can be a very emotional moment, but I’m filled with gratitude and appreciation for the  bonds, the camaraderie, experiences and all the magical moments I shared with each of you. It’s been and will always be an honor to have worked alongside such a talented and curated team. I’ll miss all of you and I hope we keep reaching out and staying in touch with each other!”.


5. You all have  been more than just colleagues to me,  you’ve been my second family and being with you is home for me. One thing is for sure that no matter where I go in my career journey , I’ll always come home because home is where true friendships are built, home is where we grow and share our happy and sad moments together. I’ll always miss you and I promise to keep being connected, Xoxo!”.


6. “As I am about taking a new step into a new beginning of which I am leaving behind those who truly care for me, who truly care about my success in my career and who truly made me feel a sense of belonging while in their midst, I want to specifically thank you for making this organization and workplace feel like a sweet  home for me. Your warmth, hugs and support have made my time here absolutely rewarding. This is me wishing you all success and true  happiness.! “Until then, have a very wonderful time!”.


7. “New challenges do not just come with new responsibilities and roles but with also having to leave behind people who were part of your past experiences and who are still part of your growth as a professional, I am truly pouring out  my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you. Keep  being nice, amazing and  keep up the great work you are doing as we keep cheering each other on from afar, love, love, love!”.


8. “As today marks the end of a beautiful  era,  it also marks the beginning of new and exciting opportunities and adventures. One thing that will always be is that I’ll always miss working with you all even though I am also excited for the future. Thank you all so much for being a wonderful  group of colleagues, coworkers and friends!”.


9. “As I say goodbye to you all , I want all of  you to know that the wonderful time, moments, adventures and  memories we’ve shared  together will always be part of me forever.


10. You All have  been a fantastic group of persons and I’m  truly and deeply thankful for all those  times  we spent together making beautiful long lasting adventures. I want you all to know that you have impacted my life positively. Do well to take very  good care and always keep in touch!”

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Tips on Crafting the Best Goodbye Messages to colleagues:

  • Personalize the Goodbye Message
  • Express Your Gratitude
  • Point Out Their Strengths
  • Avoid Using Negative Comments
  • Call For Connection
  • Send Individual Goodbye Messages
  • Include Your Contact Details
  • Keep it Simple
  • End with a Warm Goodbye


Crafting A Goodbye
How to craft a farewell message

 “Dear [Insert your Colleague’s Name],

As I get ready to start a new chapter in my career and take on new and exciting opportunities, I’ll forever cherish those exceptional moments and bonds that we’ve had  during those late-night brainstorming and disruptive meetings and sessions and all the laughter and pleasantries we built during our outings as a team. 

Even though I am sad to say farewell, I’m also enthusiastic about the new opportunities that are  ahead . Always remember to always stay in touch as we get to plan a get-together soon. One thing I am sure about is that even when I am leaving, our paths will surely  cross again.  I am looking forward to amazing meetups and connections as we used to. Thank you so much for being so amazing and accomodating”.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and  your career pursuits. Thank you so much  for being an amazing and exceptional colleague and incredible  friend.

With Love from, [Your Name]”


Best Way to Deliver Your Goodbye Messages  to a Colleague

  • Send them a greeting or gift card
  • Say it to them in person
  • Throw a goodbye party to them
  • Send an them email or SMS


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