Private school scholarships for low-income families in UK (2023)

Maybe taking into consideration that private school scholarships in UK for your child will offset high tuition costs makes you worry. Don’t be. There are scholarships offered by some private schools in the United Kingdom that also help cover the cost of tuition. A comprehensive list of UK private schools that offer scholarships, how they work, and how you can successfully apply are well explained in this article.

Private school scholarships for low-income families in UK

Parents dream of sending their child to a UK private school known for academic excellence, small class sizes, and state-of-the-art facilities. If you’re wondering what makes it costly compared to public schools, your answer is in this article, as we’re going to outline all the private schools that offer scholarships for low-income families in UK.

According to the report, private school fees for day students average £5,218 per term, with some schools like Hurtwood House costing over £39,000 per year, ranking among the UK’s most expensive private schools.

The high cost of independent schools in the UK makes it difficult for many to afford them. However, private schools in the UK offer scholarships to eligible pupils, such as bursaries and scholarships, to help cover the cost of education for multiple children. This should not discourage parents or guardians from sending their children to private schools in the UK.

Before we continue, I’ll first like to let you understand what scholarship is all about. This is because many parents or guardians have heard of the word SCHOLARSHIP, but they don’t really understand the truth or the secret behind it.

What is a scholarship?

Independent private schools often offer scholarships to attract talented students, often worth more in kudos than cash. These scholarships typically only cover 10% of fees and can be as low as £100 for art supplies. Scholars often enjoy special privileges, coaching, tuition, additional trips, tours, and mentoring throughout their time at the school.

Private School Scholarships

Scholarship funds are more generous at ancient public schools like Eton, Harrow, and Winchester, which have accumulated legacies from old boys and philanthropists. These schools often provide bursaries for able boys from state schools whose families cannot cover fees. King’s Scholarships from Eton are worth 10% of fees and can be topped up with means-tested bursaries.

Many schools also offer awards for academic prowess, sportsmanship, or artistic skills. Newer foundations have less money and less generous scholarships or bursaries, making scholarships often a matter of a name on a board and a year’s supply of football socks.

Private Schools Offering Scholarships in the UK

Listed below is a comprehensive list of private schools in UK that offer and accept scholarships and bursaries to low-income families, where you can apply.

  • Concord College
  • The Webber Independent School
  • Ackworth School
  • Brentwood School
  • Rossall School
  • The Pointers School
  • City of London School
  • King’s College, Taunton
  • Brighton College
  • Manchester Grammar School

Now let’s look at a brief explanation for each of the items listed above.

Concord College

Concord College is an international co-educational private boarding school for 13-18-year-olds, offering top A-level and GCSE results. In 2020/2021, it ranked 5th in The Times for A-level results in co-ed schools. Students often attend top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Warwick, and LSE.

Concord College excels academically, but its high cost may discourage parents. However, they offer scholarships and bursaries starting in Form 3, helping parents cover the financial burden.

The Webber Independent School

Webber Independent School is a co-ed private school in Milton Keynes for children aged 6–16. Offering quality academics, well-being, moral values, and sports facilities, the school offers generous scholarships to cover up to 50% of tuition. 

These scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating excellent achievement and potential in sports, the arts, or academics.

Ackworth School

Ackworth School, a prestigious UK private co-ed boarding and day school, offers financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries to students who meet requirements. With over 200 years of experience, the school continuously innovates in teaching and learning to provide excellent academics. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, while bursaries are based on financial need, with applicants tested. Scholarships are available to students aged 11–16.

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How to Apply for Private School Scholarships in the UK

Applying for financial assistance such as bursaries or scholarships in Uk private schools is quite simple and easy, and this does not demand much processing.

The following are steps on how to get your child into a private school for free in the United Kingdom:

  • To apply for a scholarship or bursary at an independent school, your child must be enrolled or interested in enrolling. Contact the school via email, telephone, or in-person to inquire about available scholarships or bursaries.
  • Scholarships are based on academic achievement in sports, art, design, and performing arts, while bursaries are awarded based on financial need, using school factors.
  • Parents and students determine available aid based on a child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • When contacting a school to inquire about financial assistance, ask about eligibility criteria for scholarships and bursaries. Indicate your interest and fill out a form online or in person. This will help determine areas where your child is eligible.

The above are the fundamentals you need to know to apply for any private school scholarship in UK 

Does the UK government give money to private schools?

Private schools, also known as independent schools, charge fees for attendance and are not government-funded. The school must be registered under the government and regularly inspected.

The top 10 UK private schools offering scholarships and bursaries are listed in this article. To find these schools, use the London Fee Assistance Consortium (LFAC) to search for financial assistance by postcode.

We hope this guide helps you successfully apply for or enroll your child in any private school scholarship for low-income students in the UK. If you have any questions, let us know by indicating them in the comment section below. You can also follow us on Kindi Recruit.

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