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List of Illegal Jobs in Canada: This article contains vital information about illegal jobs in Canada, a list of Canadian employers looking for foreign workers, a list of eligible employers in Canada, the penalty for hiring illegal workers in Canada, list of ineligible employers in Canada, what happens if you work in Canada without a work permit,non-compliant employers list, how to report illegal workers in Canada anonymously and where to report illegal workers in Canada.

Illegal Jobs in Canada

Are you thinking of relocating to Canada for work? are you in Canada already and searching for jobs to do? if yes then there are so many illegal jobs in Canada you need to avoid. Moving to Canada can be a possible way to find a good-paying job and live the luxurious life of your dreams but it is also necessary to know that Canadian Government does not foreign nationals with no work permit to work in Canada.

There are also jobs that are illegal in Canada, doing these sets of jobs might land you in trouble with the Canadian Government or appropriate authority. So if you are in Canada or relocating soon, this article provides you with clear, straightforward, and legit details about some certain kind of job you shouldn’t do no matter how good the pay is.

To be sure that you are not being offered an illegal job before relocating from your country to Canada and to be sure that you are not working for some illegal employers that might cause you lots of damage in the long run, read this article to the end and make sure that you follow all the necessary instructions mentioned for you to know the kind of jobs you should avoid in Canada. So, let’s get started.

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List Of Canadian Employers Looking For Foreign Workers

Canada has experienced a high rate of immigration over the years. Over a quarter of the workforce in Canada consists of foreign and international workers from diverse multicultural backgrounds. However, with this high immigration rate, Canada has expanded the opportunities for foreign and international workers to increase the number of foreign workers migrating to Canada.

As a result of the expansion in employment opportunities for foreigners in Canada, employers in Canada now open up invitations for applications from foreign applicants who possess the required skills and qualifications needed to build a functional organization. so, you can be in your home country and get a job in Canada before even relocating over there.

So, below is the list of Canadian employers looking to hire foreign workers:

  • KPMG
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Amazon
  • Mob-squad
  • Google Canada
  • P and H Farming
  • Enbridge incorporation
  • Elastic path
  • Scotia Bank

You can also use the services of recruitment agencies in Canada to get a job easily in Canada. That is because getting a job in Canada while living in a foreign country looks almost like a mission impossible. So these agencies will only help you make the recruitment process fast and easy with the assurance of getting an employment offer. You can pay at least a 15% agency fee to these recruitment agencies to assist you in securing  for a job in Canada. Such agencies are:

  • Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants
  • Goldbeck Recruiting Agency
  • Work Global Canada Incorporation
  • Canadian Staffing Consultants Limited
  • Hays Recruitment Agency
  • Global hire immigration and Placement Services

List Of Eligible Employers In Canada

The following professional employers are eligible to hire in Canada:

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Insurance, Real Estate, and Financial Brokerage Managers
  • Banking, Credits, and Other Investment Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers
  • Managers of  Telecommunication Companies
  • Engineering Services Managers
  • Managers of Architecture and Science Services
  • Healthcare Managers
  • IT Managers
  • School Principals and Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Managers of Social and Community Services
  • Managers Publishing firms, Broadcasting and Performing Arts
  • Painters
  • Coaters
  •  Process Operators (Metal Finishing Industrial Sector)
  • Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers, and Inspectors
  • Brick -Layers(Mason)
  • Tilers
  • Concrete Finishers
  • Glaziers
  • Insulators
  • Painters and Decorators excluding interior decorators
  • Roofers and Shinglers
  • Machine Fitters
  • Heavy Equipments Mechanics
  • Aircraft Mechanic and Inspectors
  • Elevator Constructors and Mechanics

List Of Ineligible Employers In Canada 

Here’s a list of ineligible employers that were suspended by Public Works and Government Services, Canada:

  • Les Enterprises Chatel Incorporation
  • RM Belanger Ltd
  • Guaranteed Industries Limited

Non-Compliant Employer List

In Canada, employers seeking to hire workers temporarily may be inspected to make sure that they do not violate their roles and responsibilities as employers as stated under the temporary foreign worker’s program and the international mobility program. Therefore, should an employer be found to be non-compliant with their responsibilities as employers, they will be banned from hiring temporary workers and as well may receive a monetary penalty. Hence, here’s a list of such employers who were found to be non-compliant:

  • Sunview Farms
  • Extreme Doors Limited
  • Vancouver Building Envelope Solutions Limited
  • Goldfinch Cartage Limited
  • Arpen Crossing
  • Cabrito Tapas and Bebidas
  • Enbala Power Networks
  • On Your Way Confectionary
  • Gold Train Express

What Happens If You Work In Canada Without A Work Permit?

Generally, Canada does not allow visitors who come into Canada to work without work permits. What happens when you work in Canada without a work permit is that:

  • You will be arrested or  deported from Canada and will not be qualified to enter the country anymore 
  • You won’t be able to apply for a work permit for 6 months
  • Criminal sanctions for you and your employer

Employers in Canada are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that all the people they employ in their organizations as foreigners have the legal rights and permits to legally work in Canada. Therefore, any employer who is found guilty of employing foreigners without work permits will be convicted and sanctioned to pay a fine of 10,000 dollars, six(6)months in jail, or both. Most time, the fine could be up to 50, 000 dollars, 2 years in jail, or both.

Regardless, there are jobs you can do in Canada legally without getting a work permit and some of those jobs are:

  • Visitors on business trips
  • Volunteering
  • Remote Jobs
  • Performing Artist
  • Clergy
  • Athletes
  • Convention Organizers
  • Public speakers
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Civil Aviation Inspectors
  • Crew
  • Maintained Status
  • Healthcare Students
  • Examinators and evaluators
  • Judges and Referees
  • Expert Witnesses and Investigators
  • News Reporters
  • In- Flight Security Officials
  • On Campus Employers
  • Foreign Government Officials
  • Military personnel

Penalty For Hiring Illegal Workers In Canada

Employers in Canada are under due obligation to ensure that their prospective foreign employees have the legal right to work in Canada. That is to say that if a Canadian employer engages a foreign employee to work in Canada, it is his(the employer’s) sole responsibility to ensure that appropriate procedures are taken for the foreign national to obtain a legal Canadian work permit before the employment commences.

An employer who fails to meet this obligation by going ahead to hire illegal workers who do not hold the legal right to work in Canada is prosecuted under the IRPA and will be liable to sanctions and fines of up to 50,000 dollars with two(2) years jail terms and if there’s any evidence or proof of misinterpretation from the employer’s part or that of his employees, the penalties are the increased to 100,000 dollars and five(5) years in jail.

Report Illegal Workers In Canada Anonymously

If you are outside Canada, you can  report illegal workers in Canada by following the guidelines below:

  • Locate a Canada Embassy or Consulate nearest to you or direct a  report to the Canadian embassy abroad in the location at which the illegal employers are based to save time
  • Gather legit information about the illegal workers and the employers they are working for
  • Send in your report by visiting the embassy and talking to the officials there about it in this way, you can be able to remain anonymous since the information you are giving is confidential
  • Follow up: you can follow up on the case by calling the embassy at which you filed the report.
  • You can follow up on the case by contacting the embassy where you logged in to the report.

If you are in Canada, you can report illegal workers by following the procedures below:

  • Write down all the facts and information you know about the workers including the location details 
  • You can send your report online at the Service Canada Website but make sure that you do not give out your personal identification details to remain anonymous
  • Call the necessary phone lines: you can call the IRCC, Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada Centre at 1-888- 242- 2100 and request to speak to an agent
  • You can call in from Mondays through Fridays 8 am-4 pm. The call line is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Talk to the agent about what you know by providing all the facts you have gathered about the illegal workers and their employers
  • To follow up, you need to call the same line you used to file your report initially and talk to an agent about it.

Where To Report Illegal Workers In Canada 

Send your report to  Canada Border Service Agency, CBSA or to Canada Revenue Agency, CRA by mail or call their toll line at 1-888- 242- 2100


We have provided you with all the vital information you should know about illegal jobs you should avoid in Canada and how to go about reporting them to the appropriate agencies.

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