How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job (2023)

How to Use Linkedin to Get a Good Job
How to Use Linkedin to Get a Good Job

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job: In this article you’ll find very important tips on how to successfully use Linkedin to get a good paying job for yourself, friends or family. So keep reading to the end and make sure that you leave no stone untouched by paying attention to all the guidelines and tips we have provided for you here in this article. Let’s get started.As we all know, finding a job anywhere is not very easy and sometimes we might become very frustrated, worn out, stressed up, tired and depressed. Many times, we always give up due to not getting any positive results from the previous jobs we’ve applied for or from the previous job hunting expedition. 

Linkedin is the largest professional internet network platform in the world that you use to access the right part time, full time, remote jobs and internship programs anywhere in the world. You can also use it to professionally connect with, build or strengthen relationships with other members of the community and also get to learn and acquire new skills that can help you advance in your career.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively can increase  your chances of finding a good  paying job. Below are some top  tips to help you make the most of LinkedIn to reduce your search for jobs elsewhere and to help you channel the energy and time spent on job hunting to getting a rewarding job.

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Create a Professional Linkedin Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your online CV or resume therefore, it is very very important that you open a profile on linkedin for yourself and make sure that it is complete, simple, accurate, and highly professional. Use a high-quality image or photo and write a very attractive or compelling headline and summary that showcases your experiences, skills ,milestones or achievements, and  your primary career goals. View the image below to see the example of one of the best profile on Linkedin:

What to Say When Creating a Linkedin Profile
What to Say When Creating a Linkedin Profile

What to Say When Creating a Linkedin Profile

  • Describe what your passion is because recruiters are really interested in getting to know what you tick and what actually drives you in entirety
  • Simply tell them about your present role and not your job title
  • Showcase your successes by telling them your success stories
  • Show who you truly are by revealing your char character in your profile
  • Show what your life is like outside work
  • Please make sure that the story you tell is engaging enough to draw attention
  • Then ask for what you want and leave a call to action button like the one on the ending part of the last paragraph on the picture above. Something like “feel free to connect with me to know more”, Learn more” etc

Customize Your  Linkedin URL

Make a great customized or personalized LinkedIn URL to make it easier for people to find you. Your URL should basically include your name and make a good first impression. Check the picture below to see the example:

Customize Your Linkedin URL
Customize Your Linkedin URL

How to customize your Linkedin URL

  • Go to your profile photo and tap on it
  • Then click on view profile
  • Click on the more icon button which next to the add section icon
  • Select “contact info’
  • Then check under profile section
  • Find your public profile URL link( something like this
  • Then copy and paste your url link to share it with the public
How to customize your Linkedin URL
How to customize your Linkedin URL

Showcase Your Skills and Experiences on your Profile

Make a List of  your work experience, education, certifications, and skills on your linkedin profile and make sure that you use simple, concise and action-oriented language to describe or explain  your roles and accomplishments too. Remember to include relevant keywords related to your industry because this is very important to help recruiters find you more quickly. Example is seen below:

How to Use Linkedin to get a Good Job
Showcase and Highlight Your Skills and Experiences on your Linkedin Profile
How to Use Linkedin to Get a Good Job(2023)
How to Remove, Delete or Re-order your Work Samples on Linkedin

Grow Your Linkedin Network

You can connect with other professionals in your industry, colleagues, college alumni, and every other person  you  know. The picture below shows examples of how you can grow or build your network on linkedin:

Grow your Linkedin
Grow your Linkedin

Engage with Catchy Contents

Comment, share and like posts that are related to your field.  When you engage with others’ content, you can build more relationships and grow your linkedin community or network.

Join LinkedIn Groups

  • You should find and join groups on Linkedin that aligns with your personal career goals and interest
  • Join or Participate in discussions and make sure to contribute valuable insights to such discussions to showcase your expertise.
  • Find and follow Companies to stay updated to latest recruitment updates
Join Groups
Join Groups

Use the  Linkedin Job Search Feature

  • LinkedIn has the most  powerful job search feature that helps and allows you to search for jobs by preference, location, industry, keywords, and other requirements. 
  • Make sure that you Save your job searches and set up alerts to always receive notifications about new job openings

How to Use the  Linkedin Job Search Feature

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job
How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job

Personalize your Linkedin Connection Requests

Make sure that when you are sending connection requests on linkedin, personalize your messages and explain why you want to connect with them. Also note that generic requests are less likely or never  to be accepted. Example of such connection message:

Check below to see how to personalize your connections on Linkedin:

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job
How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job: Request for Recommendations

Requesting for recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients who can speak positively about your work helps to strengthen and build up your linkedin profile and help recruiters to trust your professional ability. It can add credibility to your profile. Check below to see how you can request for recommendations on Linkedin:

How to use Linkedin for Business
Be visible on Linkedin
Request a Linkedin Recommendation
How to Request for Recommendations on Linkedin

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job: Share Your Work Samples

If there’s a need for you to, make sure that you upload your relevant work samples like articles, presentations, or projects etc to showcase your expertise and achievements to recruiters. See how to share your work samples on Linkedin below:

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job
How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job

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How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job
How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job

How to Use LinkedIn to get a good job: Learning on LinkedIn 

Like we said earlier in the introductory part of this article above, LinkedIn serves as a learning platform that offers different kinds of courses through the LinkedIn Learning community. So starting and completing courses relevant to your field of personal development  can improve your skills and make you a more outstanding and  attractive candidate to recruiters or employers.

Engage Actively on Linkedin Learning Platform
Engage Actively on Linkedin Learning Platform

You Must be Consistent and Professional

By posting regularly, you stay get noticed quickly by employers on Linkedin. So if you want to get your dream job quickly and easily on Linkedin, you need to keep posting and showing up all the time on your profile

Increase your visibility on Linkedin
Increase your visibility on Linkedin

Be Fully and Actively Engaged on the Linkedin Platform

To stay actively engaged and relevant as a job seeker on Linkedin,  you must update your profile regularly, share relevant topics and contents and engage with your network or community because consistent activity and engagements in the platform shows  your commitment and interest in your field.See how you can get noticed on Linkedin as a job seeker below:

Get noticed on Linkedin
Get noticed on Linkedin

Secret tips to Find a Good Job using Linkedin

Make yourself memorable with great stories.

  • Keep it fresh.
  • Get visual.
  • Make yourself accessible.
  • Directly contact hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Think of LinkedIn as a search engine.
  • Don’t ever say you’re seeking new opportunities.
  • Clean up your other social media profiles.
  • Post a professional photo so that  recruiters can find you
  • Show volunteer work/community involvement
  • Share your successes in LinkedIn posts

Like, comment and share this article to your family and friends to help them secure a good paying job too on Linkedin. Visit our site at Kindirecruit to stay updated to the latest news about other tips you need to navigate through and to also stay updated to latest recruitments


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