NDLEA Recruitment 2023: Short Code for NDLEA Registration

NDLEA Recruitment 2023 is ongoing. Interested applicants can access the application portal at https://recruitment.ndlea.gov.ng. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s short code for NDLEA recruitment 2023 has been discussed in this article. NDLEA shortcodes are codes assigned to each category or position of the NDLEA cadre. 

After reading this article, you should be able to know short code of each NDLEA cadre, application courses, and registration year.

Short Code for NDLEA Registration

You’re welcome to Kindi Recruit. Our duty is to provide you with relevant recruitment information in Nigeria. In today’s write-up, we’re explaining short code for NDLEA and how to use them during the NDLEA Registration.

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Since the NDLEA shortcode is a unique code that represents NDLEA cadre, it is pertinent to know the available categories or positions in the ongoing registration NDLEA recruitment.

NDLEA Recruitment Available Positions

There are three (3) available vacancies in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. The agency invites suitable applicants to apply for any of the following job positions:

  1. Superintendent Cadre (General duties & specialist). This category comprises of the following positions:
    1. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II CONPASS (08)
    2. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I (CONPASS 9)
    3. Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics (CONPASS 10).
  2. Narcotic Agent cadre. This cadre  includes the following positions; 
    1. Chief Narcotic Agent – CONPASS (07)
    2. Senior Narcotic Agent – CONPASS (06)
    3. Narcotic Agent – CONPASS (05).
  3. Narcotic Assistant cadre. It has the following positions; 
    1. Narcotic Assistant I – CONPASS (04)
    2. Narcotic Assistant II – CONPASS (03)
    3. Artisan, Mechanic, Driver, Cleaner / Gardener, etc.

Interested applicants can apply for any of the above NDLEA positions. Are you ready to apply? CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR NDLEA RECRUITMENT 2023

Now that we are familiar with the NDLEA categories/positions, let’s look at which short code to use for the NDLEA registration.

Short Code for NDLEA Registration

The short code for NDLEA is a special code indicating the cadre category and position when filling out the recruitment form online. The code is different for each category.

The short code for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency will display immediately after you choose a category and select a position. It is an auto-fill space. 

To get this done, select your preferred category, choose the position you want to apply for, and the NDLEA shortcode will appear on its own.

Depending on the NDLEA available category/position, NDLEA shortcodes are listed below:

SUPT is short code for Superintendent cadre,
NAS is short code for Narcotic Agent Assistant,
NA is short code for Narcotic Agent

NDLEA Application Course

The NDLEA application course is the same as the application category or cadre. It can be Superintendent cadre, Narcotic Agent Assistant cadre or the Narcotic Agent cadre.
Applicants will not be allowed to submit the application form without selecting an application course.
Note: the year of application depends on the NDLEA recruitment batch. Currently, 2023 is the year for ongoing recruitment.

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