16 Online Jobs for students – $16 per hour

16 Online Jobs for Students: In this article, you’ll find interesting and important topics about 16 online jobs for students that you can also apply for to earn $16 per hour.

16 Online Jobs for students - $16 per hourAre you a full or part-time student who is seeking a side hustle to be earning from to help you settle your school bills and stay financially happy and debt free? Here’s a perfect article for you so get your jotter and your pen and jot down the important tips we have put together for you in this article. Sit back and read the article to the end. Let’s get started.

As we all know, finding jobs as a student can be very fruitless and difficult because companies might not want to recruit students at that point in time. As a student, you sometimes become financially broke and may be hovering around your parents and families seeking financial assistance to help cover your bills in school which can be very frustrating at times.

Therefore getting online jobs that pay around $16 per hour can be a great way for students to earn money while going through their studies.

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Below Here are 16 online jobs for Students that Can Generate $16 Per Hour:

  • Freelance Writing
  • Online Tutoring
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcription
  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Survey Taking
  • Online Customer Support
  • Content Editing/Proofreading

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers are writers who create various types of written content for clients and they could include blog posts, articles, website copy, content creation, or copywriting for websites and businesses. product descriptions, and more. For you to succeed as a freelancer, you’ll need strong writing skills and the ability to meet task deadlines.

Freelance writing
16 Online Jobs for students – $16 per hour

2. Online Tutoring

You can teach subjects you’re proficient or competent into other students or learners around the world. As an online tutor, you’ll help students and pupils to understand and excel in subjects you’re knowledgeable in. This could be from academic subjects to test preparation or language learning subjects.

Online tutoring
16 Online Jobs for students – $16 per hour

3. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can assist businesses or individuals with administrative tasks, scheduling, email management, etc. Virtual assistants or VA offer administrative support to businesses or individuals on a remote basis. Their responsibilities may include managing emails, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, and other administrative duties.

Virtual Assistant
16 Online Jobs for students – $16 per hour

4. Transcription

You can convert audio or video content into text format. Transcribers listen to audio or video recordings and type out the spoken content. As a transcriber, you need excellent listening skills and accuracy.

16 online jobs for students- $16 per hour
Transcription Jobs for Students

5. Data Entry Online Jobs for Students

Do you have experience in data entry for businesses and companies? Data entry involves inputting data from various sources into spreadsheets, databases, or other digital sheets.

16 Online Jobs for students - $16 per hour
Data Entry Jobs for Students

6. Social Media Management

You can also manage social media accounts for small businesses or individuals. Social media managers are saddled with the responsibilities of creating and curating content, scheduling posts, responding to comments, and engaging with the audience on social media platforms.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
Social Media Management

7. Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you can create logos, banners, and other visual assets. Graphic designers are tasked with the responsibility of creating visual content such as logos, banners, infographics, and marketing materials. Proficiency in design software is very important.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
Graphics design online jobs for students

8. Online Survey Taking Jobs for Students

Get involved or participate in paid online surveys or market research. Joining or carrying out online surveys and market research studies can earn you money or gift cards. Companies value your opinions on products and services.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
Online Survey

9. Online Customer Support 

Offer exceptional customer service through online chat or email. Offering customer support services through online chat or email has to do with helping customers with inquiries, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

16 online jobs for students
16 online jobs for students

10. Content Editing/Proofreading

Editors and proofreaders review written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and clarity. This ensures that the content is polished and error-free.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
Editing and Proofreading

11. Website Testing Online Jobs for Students

Websites are being tested to ensure their usability and functionality. As a website testers evaluate the performance, usability, functionality, and user experience of websites and also give accurate feedback to improve their design and performance.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour

12. Online Research Jobs for Students

Carry out internet research for businesses, organizations or academic purposes. Researchers gather or put information together from the internet on specific and various topics for businesses, organizations, academics, or individuals.

16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour
16 online jobs for students -$16 per hour

13. Language Translation Online Jobs for Students 

As a student, you can translate documents, write-ups or content between languages. Translators are being saddled with the task of converting written content from one language to another while keeping at or maintaining accuracy and cultural nuances.

16 Online Jobs for students
16 Online Jobs for students

14. Video Editing

Edit videos for platforms like YouTube channels, online courses, or businesses. Video editors carry out the duties of editing and arranging video footage, adding effects, and creating engaging visual content.

online Video Editing
online Video Editing

15. Online Selling Jobs for Students

You can start an online store or sell products on platforms like Etsy, eBay, Ali-express, Jumia,  or Amazon as a student. Starting an online store or selling products on already existing or established platforms involves listing products, managing inventory, and processing orders.

Exchange of Goods and Services
Exchange of Goods and Services

16. Freelance Programming

Provide coding or programming services to businesses and companies. Freelance programmers provide coding and programming services such as website development, app creation, or software development to their clients

Online Freelance Program
Online Freelance Program


As you plan on venturing into these jobs as a student,  you should consider that pay rates  for these 16 online jobs for students can vary based on factors like your skill level, experience, and the specific job you’re doing. Additionally, some jobs may require specialized knowledge or training. 

It is very essential and important to research each opportunity thoroughly and ensure it aligns with your skills, competencies, and availability. You can find these online job opportunities on different freelancing job platforms, job boards, or by directly reaching out to potential clients. You have to be cautious of potential scams and do your due diligence before committing to any job.

To start or begin with any of these online jobs, you can start your search for opportunities on freelancing platforms like Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, Freelancer, specialized job boards or employment websites.

More-so, you can create an online presence through social media or a personal website to showcase your skills and attract potential clients. It’s important to communicate effectively with clients, deliver quality work, and continuously improve your skills to succeed in the online job market.

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