Access Bank Salary Scale for Staff in 2024

Access Bank Salary Scale for Staff in 2024

Access Bank Salary Scale for Staff in 2024 – Are you a worker in Access Bank? Wish to work in an access bank? Want to know the Salary Scale of access bank Staff? It is worthy of note to understand that firstly, the salary at Access Bank is in scale. That is to say, not all people earn the same. Just as there are different divisions in the bank, the salary scales are also in divisions. So we will be talking about the salary scale of access bank workers, this will go with different positions and different criteria. 

Firstly we will take  a brief overview of Access Bank, the Acces Bank salary, and the salary structure .

Access Bank Salary Scale for Staff in 2024

Overview of Access Bank 

Access Bank PLC as it is commonly called is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank. The Access Bank Group owns the bank. This industry is being Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.  In line with the National Banking regulator. 

The bank has its headquarters in Lagos state Nigeria and its services and products include Loans, Credits Cards, Saving Investments, Mortgages, etc. 

This industry has branches in different states in Nigeria with a total of twenty thousand and also representative branches in China, Lebanon, India, and United Arab Emirates. 

Also, it has subsidiaries in  

  1. Mozambique 
  2. Zambia  
  3. Congo
  4. Sierra Leone  
  5. Rwanda  
  6. Gambia  
  7. Ghana 
  8. Kenya 
  9. South Africa 
  10. United Kingdom

About Access Bank Salary

This is being given to all access bank staff at different levels, starting from Security to the highest position. The salary varies depending on your position or level in the industry. 

The Access Bank salary is the agreed /stipulated amount of money given to industry workers at the end of every Month. This money is usually paid into their accounts. Also, the Access bank has workers who do not dwell on monthly stipends but rather on contract. This set of staff receive their salary at the end of the contract or once the contract has been sealed.

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List of Workers Sections at Access Bank 

Here is a list of Access Bank Salary Scale 

  1. Contract Workers 
  2. Graduate Trainee 
  3. ExecutiveTrainee 
  4. Entry Level Staff 
  5. Loan Officers 
  6. Credit analyst 
  7. Bank Manager 

Salary Of contract Workers at Access Bank 

These people are otherwise known as contract staff. They are paid based on agreement. If the contract agreement accepts monthly payment or weekly or daily. Generally, their salaries range from ₦60,000 – ₦100,000. This is based on the contract involved. The more serious the contract the higher the pay. 

By this one can invariably say that Access Bank workers receive ₦720,000 – ₦1.2 million in a Year. Also, it is important to note that when talking to contract staff, the salary range is also being determined by the workers’ Educational Qualifications.

Salary of Graduate Trainee  at Access Bank 

Staff here firstly go for a trainee program for four months once they are employed, this program aims at helping you to get to understand the banking sector well. 

As a trainee you are entitled to some amount of money which scales at ₦43,000 every Month. During this period if you fail in any of the stages during your program you automatically lose the right to the monthly stipends. 

Furthermore, Once you are done with the program and have shown satisfactory effort in your interview and test, the bank goes further to offer you employment and also pay you a minimum of ₦101,000 every Month. 

Salary of an executive trainee at Access Bank 

This is one of the most important sets of workers at Access Bank. They are known to be the Executive Trainees, because they have special functions, and also have superior roles. Their role in the industry is higher than that of a Graduate Trainee. 

A typical Access Bank Executive Trainee receives the sum of ₦230,000 monthly as salary or stipends. This money is being paid into the worker’s account. 

Salary of An Entry Level Staff at Access Bank 

An entry-level staff salary is usually High and it continues to get higher as promotion sets in. Most of the time the entry-level staff are paid more than the Graduate trainee in the bank. Apart from this payment if you add other benefits they sum up to ₦200,000 monthly and yearly ₦2,000.

Salary of Loan Officer at Access Bank 

The loan officers earn Monthly payments within a range of ₦350,000 to ₦400,000. Also, their payment is based on commission on how many people they have given loans to. 

Salary of Credit Analyst at Access Bank 

Credit Analysts deal a lot with financial figures and as such their job demands more attention and is more rigorous than some. They are paid an average salary of ₦400,000 to ₦ 450,000 Monthly. This mounts up to ₦6 million – ₦7.8 million.

Salary of a Bank Manager 

This is a very delicate position in the banking industry as a whole. The bank Manager oversees the jobs and works at the bank, he also is in charge and is responsible for the day-to-day administration at the bank. 

He projects and supervises the day-to-day administration and activities in the bank  His average salary spans from. ₦750,000 – ₦800 every month .’

Other Benefits enjoyed by workers of Access Bank 

They are a list of other benefits enjoyed by workers of access Bank which include 

  1.  Health Insurance 
  2. Sick leave 
  3. Retirement Plan 
  4. Transport Allowance 
  5. Paid vacation days 
  6. Maternity leave 
  7. Training And development expenses 

Determinants of Staff Salary 

  1. Contract or full-time work 
  2. Educational Qualification 
  3. Job positions 
  4. Location of the Bank 
  5. Years of Experience 
  6. Professionalism 


This gives a brief analysis of the different levels of access to bank workers and their salary structure. 

It goes further to list other benefits of access to bank workers. For More Information and inquiries you can visit the access bank official website at


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