How much is WAEC Candidate Registration in Gambia?

Hello and welcome to Kind Recruit! If you’re inquiring about the WAEC registration fee in Gambia, this article provides a comprehensive breakdown of how much WAEC candidate registration is in Gambia, available subjects, and other important information. Keep reading for more details.

How much is WAEC candidate registration in Gambia1

WAEC candidate Registration in Gambia

WAEC aims to become a world-class examining body, contributing to the educational goals of stakeholders. Its mission is to remain Africa’s leading examining body, providing reliable educational assessments, encouraging academic excellence, and promoting sustainable human resource development.

With its sixty-two years of existence, WAEC has developed a skilled staff, administered valid and relevant examinations, and earned international recognition for its certificates. It also promotes hard work and honesty in the youth through awards for outstanding performance in its examinations.

The Council conducts international and national examinations in all member countries, except Nigeria, where it has eliminated all but one examination, the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

How do I register for Private Wassce in the Gambia?

Candidates must register by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing personal details using Biometric Data Capture software from an accredited registration center, ensuring their surname and first name are captured.

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How much is WAEC Candidate Registration in Gambia?

Before you can be a suitable candidate to sit for the WAEC 2023 exam in Gambia, there is a certain registration fee you need to pay before you can write the examination.

Most importantly, the registration fee varies in various schools, especially private schools, and the registration fees depend on the number of subject cards. But before I explain in detail how much WAEC candidate registration costs in Gambia, let me first list the subjects available for candidates in Gambia. These include:


After doing justice to that, the following is a comprehensive breakdown of WAEC registration fees in the Gambia.

Gambia Subjects Cards Cost

One (1) Subject Card D2,540.00
Two (2) Subject Card D2,740.00
Three (3) Subject Card D2,940.00
Four (4) Subject Card D3,040.00
Five (5) Subject Card D3,140.00
Six or Seven (6 or 7) Subject Card D3,240.00
Eight or Nine (8 or 9) Subject Card D3,340.00
English Language Oral Card D400.00
Registration Fee D300.00

Requirements For WAEC Candidates Registration in Gambia 2023

Candidates who qualified to write the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) in Gambia must meet the following requirements listed below before they can register for the WAEC 2023 examination.

  • Candidates must have completed or be in the final year of secondary school.
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidates must possess means of identification like NINs.
  • Candidates should have a valid name, date of birth, address, gender, state of origin, and nationality.
  • Candidates must possess a clear and recent photograph, phone number, email address, and fingerprint.
  • Candidates must list out nine subjects they want to write in the WAEC examination.
  • And very importantly, candidates who wish to partake in the examination must have the WAEC exam fee.
  • All candidates should ensure they visit their respective choice of schools to write exams for registration; likewise, all private or external candidates.

Eligibility Criteria For The WAEC Exam

As a Gambia final-year secondary school student waiting to write the WAEC exam, you are advised to meet the following criteria before you’re qualified to write the exam:

  • You must have obtained the important credits in your key subject as described by your country’s basic education board.
  • Candidates expected to write the WAEC exam are those who are in their final year of secondary school education.

Gambia WAEC Exam Registration Procedures

There are two (2) methods of registration for the WAEC exam in Gambria, namely, online and offline methods.

Online Registration

Candidates who wish to register online for the WAEC exam should follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Gambia WAEC registration portal (
  • Select the examination option you wish to register for.
  • You’re first advised to read the rules and regulations governing the examination.
  • Download the 2023 WASSCE for private candidates’ timetables.
  • Notes and guidance
  • Read also information on subjects and prices.
  • After reading all the above information, you can then start your registration.

Information needs to be filled out on the Gambia WAEC registration portal.

  • Biometric Data capture
  • Bio Data
  • Uploading of Passport photograph
  • Witness information
  • Examination center selection
  • Subjects selection
  • Certification by candidate
  • Submitting registration 
  • Admission notice and Confirmation page printing 

WAEC Candidate Registration in Gambia Starting Date

The Gambia 2023 WAEC (SSCE) exam registration begins on February 5th, 2023, and closes on March 26th, 2023, for both online and offline registration candidates.

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Smith Godwin has been a writer at Kindi Recruit for a long time. He has confidence in roles that require a high level of diligence, strong teamwork, and advanced problem-solving skills, along with dedication to achieving uncompromising quality of work under stringent deadlines in an organization.

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